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Hotels in Thekkady- Unbeatable by Every Means
29.05.2014 11:44

The matchless alluring nature, serene atmosphere, varied vegetation, a variety of birds species and not the least, but world’s one of the amazing wildlife sanctuaries are the pride of this unbeatable destination of Kerala, Thekkady. Suitable for the mountain walks and trekking activity, the hilly district has almost everything to provide as source of bliss and tranquility. Besides the diverse tourists attractions hotels in Thekkady are the true admirer of the travelers that fulfill their quest of conquering this place. Since Thekkady has recently given growth to its tourism department by endeavoring fascinating climate and breathtaking atmosphere to its prolonged wanderers, who celebrate their existence in this favorable hill station. Plush flora and fauna of this domain are the arresting features for the nomads who travel all the way to explore Thekkady.

                                                         Hotels in Thekkady | Image Resource: hotelsinthekkady.net

Hotels are immense to serve and offer varied discounted rates to their customers. There homely atmosphere and massive built welcome their guests with pleasure and memorable moments. It’s astounding to know that there are more than 75 hotels in Thekkady segmented into classification of star ratings. For instance, Green Garden Cottage, Abad Green Forest and The Elephant Court are the properties with two-star, three-star and four-star ratings respectively and are excellent in their respective terms of hospitality.

Jungle Palace Homestay, Hotel Sithara International, etc., are some of the budget hotels that match the affordability of the travelers and put them in comfortable and memorable stay. Hotels in Thekkady are the gesticulation of the broad hospitality that makes the staying of the tourists unforgettable for the lifetime. 


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